Artificial Ground Recharge


RWH FILTERS are the blessings for URBAN AREAS of the Planet. If We consider the area of terraces on the Planet, We can roughly calculate just 0.5% of total
Land area of the Planet which reaches approximately 741,630 KM2 (7416300000000 Sq.
Mtrs ).  If We assume average Global rain fall at just 10 inches per year, The terraces of urban areas of the planet has the potential to conserve up to  1854075000000000 LITERS OF RAINWATER EACH YEAR ( JUST A ROUGH CALCULATION ). BUT SUCH CONSERVATIONS requires a proper filtrations of the RainWater.  After rainwater is collected from a roof, it should be filtered before it is stored in a tank. This is to ensure that it is kept in the best possible condition, to avoid degradation of biological material, development of odours etc. The roof and gutters of a building are not a sterile environment – therefore rainwater will pick up moss, dirt, leaves, bird faeces etc. on its way to the tank. It is therefore essential to install an adequate filtration system, and in some cases additional treatment, to ensure that the stored rainwater can be used effectively and safely.   

 As shown in the picture, We can divert the excess CONTAMINATION FREE rainwater from storage tank to borewell nearby as We can not build
storages which can store the rain water of whole season. Explaining by example
of SURAT CITY’s houses. If We have a terrace of around 100 sq.mtrs &
average rainfall of city is 45 inches / year, 
We will get around 112500 Litres of Rain water each year.

 Now building a Storage tank for 100 thousand litres for a 100 Sq. Mtr house

is neither practical nor cost effective. We can have storage of  maximum 20000 litres. So We can divert the excess  water to nearby  borewells by which We can improve the quality & levels of  Ground Water.


THIS TECHNIQUE HAS “NO ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION” and  emits “0” Carbon or Other Harmful Gases or pollutants.


Planning, Consulting, Coordinating, Project development, Project execution, and monitoring of NRWM Program globally.


We Shree Someshwar Education Trust can develop all above suggested structures in the region with non-profit motive.


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